Shin Dong Hyuk Digital Storytelling Video Photo Credits

Photo Credits 

Holocaust Image-

North Korea at Night Image-

Map of North Korea with Capital-

North Korea Soldiers in a Line Close Up-

North Korean Soldiers Marching-

North Korea Leaders –

Kim Jong-Un-

Shin Dong Hyuk Close Up-

Camp 14 Map-

Guards and Fence of Prison Camp-

North Korean Prison Teacher-

Prison Camp Skyline and Tower-

Two North Korean Guards Walking-

North Korean Guard and Fence-

Interrogation by Guards-

Black and White Image of Fence Close Up-

Meat Plate-

Sunset and Barbed Wire Fence-

Snowy Fence-

Electrical Fence Close Up-

Shin’s Burned Legs-

North Korea, China, and South Korea Borders-

Shin Dong Hyuk in South Korea –

Shin and Geneva Summit –

Shin Speaking-

Shin and Camp Map-

UN Pannel and Shin Dong Hyuk –

Shin and Blaine Harden-å-flugt-fra-nordkoreas-gulag

Escape from Camp 14 Book Cover-

North Korean Farmers-

North Korea Children-

North Korean Prison Camps Map-

Chains Broken-

Birds Flying-


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